Point of Use Solution

There is a demand for rapid and accurate nucleic acid analysis at the point of sample collection to enable professionals to quickly and accurately render a decision and take action. The AmpliFire is a portable point of use instrument optimized for isothermal chemistry with the capability to process eight samples simultaneously. With data storage, touch screen interface and easy analysis, the AmpliFire allows you to bring your lab anywhere!


  • Up to eight samples can be processed simultaneously
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Portability enabled by rechargeable battery
  • AmpliCode™ - a QR Code generator available with the instrument software, allows you to easily configure the instrument based on specific chemistries.

Detection and Amplification

  • Heating block supports up to eight samples per run
  • Integrated detection system
  • Multiple fluorescent channels monitored in real time

Optimized for Isothermal Chemistry

The AmpliFire allows true isothermal reactions at a single incubation temperature in reaction volumes as low as 20 µL. With the ability to use crude sample prep and the elimination of mid-run enzyme or buffer additions the AmpliFire truly is a portable, easy to use solution.

Data Analysis

With easy to use touch screen protocol generation and sample assignment you can be sure your data generation is simple. Real time data display with end-point calls allows you to view reactions as they occur. Portability of the instrument is enhanced with the ability to analyze and store up to 100 runs (800 samples) or share data via USB.