AmpliFire® Chemistry

Chemistry validated for use with the AmpliFire

The AmpliFire is an open platform that leverages isothermal chemistry to ensure fast and accurate results at the point of use.

Current chemistries validated on the AmpliFire platform are:
  • DNAble® from Envirologix™ - an isothermal nucleic acid amplification chemistry that utilizes sequence-specific molecular beacon(s) that detects the amplified product. The chemistry uses two enzymes – a nicking enzyme and a polymerase. These enzymes work together at one temperature to achieve exponential DNA amplification and can be used for end-point or real-time quantitative results. The combination of the primers and beacon creates a highly specific, sensitive and rapid solution.
  • OmniAmp™ from Lucigen® - a polymerase that is the only single-enzyme system capable of isothermal amplification of either RNA and DNA samples using fluorescence detection. The proprietary lysis and amplification buffer allows integration of sample prep into many workflows reducing cost and time to result. The ability to perform rapid, high-temperature, isothermal amplification of viral or bacterial targets provides improved specificity and makes the enzyme ideally suited for molecular diagnostic applications.