Chemistry Agnostic Array Tape®

Flexible Array Tape Platform

The Array Tape platform is extremely flexible. With a modular design and multiple processing capabilities, a single Nexar® (liquid handler) and Araya® (fluorescence scanning) instrument will allow you meet the demands of ever-changing assay requirements and throughput goals.

Additional applications for Array Tape include virtually any high throughput chemistry or process currently using microplate technology.

Optimized for End-point PCR Chemistry

The Array Tape platform has been optimized for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications, where many thousands of samples are tested on a few hundred or less SNPs. Any single-step, homogeneous, fluorescence-based, closed-tube assay may be run in Array Tape. These assays often incorporate PCR amplification. Commonly used SNP chemistries optimized for Array Tape include end-point:

  • KASP™: LGC's KASP genotyping technology delivers outstanding assay robustness and accuracy with significant cost savings.
  • TaqMan: Learn more about how TaqMan chemistry has been optimized on Array Tape through a collaborative agreement with Life Technologies
  • Invader Plus™
  • GTXpress™
  • SensiMix™
  • Klear-Kall™
  • Invader®

Learn more about high throughput SNP Genotyping on Array Tape.

Isothermal DNA Amplification Chemistry

DNAble Chemistry by EnviroLogix™

DNAble is a very rapid, highly specific isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology developed by EnviroLogix that can amplify DNA targets with single base resolution a billion-fold in 5-10 minutes at a constant temperature. A nicking enzyme and a strand-displacing polymerase are used to generate small pieces of DNA that feed a DNA extension reaction; it consists of alternating cycles of nicking and extension processes leading to exponential amplification. This is much faster than the time-consuming thermal cycling that relies on costly equipment.

Optimized for Multiplexing Assays

The Array Tape platform has been optimized for multiplexing assays in a single well utilizing barcoded magnetic beads (BMB) from Applied Biocode to isolate a single assay to a unique barcoded bead. There is an increasing need to maximize the throughput for single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection and multiplexing assays in a single well is one method to accomplish this goal.

  • Barcoded Magnetic Beads from Applied Biocode
  • Carboxyl beads permit probes and specific primers to bind the bead surface covalently via NH2-modified 5' termini. All these beads enable attachment of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and other ligands in a highly multiplexed format with the characteristics of high stability and low nonspecific binding. This simple and flexible immobilization chemistry enables rapid assay development for a variety of applications.