Advanced Polyolefin Array Tape® Seal

Performance and Custom Seal Tape™ Solutions

Nexar Array Tape Cover Seal Module

The advanced polyolefin seal tape used with Array Tape performs similarly to seal tapes used with traditional microplate technology. The clear film is coated on one side with a clear silicone adhesive and securely fixed to the surface of the Array Tape through a pressure sensitive process. Properties of the polyolefin seal tape are ideal for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) reactions as well as sample storage.

We can also customize a seal tape solution that meets the specific performance criteria necessary to achieve your research goals.

Re-Access Array Tape Wells

Most researchers find sample retrieval unnecessary because processing, analysis and storage are highly efficient and effective in Array Tape. However, our design team will develop a system to extract samples individually, by array or by reel to meet your needs. As an example, an automated system was developed to extract amplified DNA from Array Tape and subsequently load it into a polyacrylamide gel for electrophoresis. In this case, the Array Tape seal was scored with a CO2 laser and then extracted with a syringe array. Learn more in our whitepaper on Microsatellite Genotyping in Array Tape.