Array Tape™ Platform

SNP Genotyping & more

The Array Tape™ Platform is the standard for high throughput applications. It's inline, modular instrumentation fully integrated and optimized for use with our revolutionary consumable, Array Tape. This configuration is ideal for, but not limited to, SNP Genotyping.

Real Time Nucleic Acid Processing

Sample to answer in 20 minutes or less

The Nexar® Optimized for Real Time Nucleic Acid Processing supports high throughput liquid handling, amplification, and real time detection of isothermal and qPCR chemistries in an automated, inline instrument.

Real Time Nucleic Acid Processing

Isothermal DNA Amplification

Sample to answer in 15 minutes or less

The Nexar Optimized for Isothermal DNA Amplification is fully automated with walk away time. Achieve high throughput with inline sample and reagent handling, incubation and detection. Go from sample to answer in 15 minutes or less and save up to 80-90% on reagents!

Isothermal DNA Amplification

Homogeneous ELISA Processing

Inline, with walk away time

Douglas Scientific has broken new boundaries for ELISA processing, taming a cumbersome process and creating a fully automated, inline data generating system.

Homogeneous ELISA
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